Inspiring purposeful action through candid and inclusive conversations.

What We Offer


Creating a safe and empowering group culture is integral to how successful a group
facilitation will be and ultimately determines if a group with a wide range of
behaviours will handle conflict effectively.


We are skilled in the art of harnessing and capitalising on the wisdom inherent within groups.
We have over 25 years of experience and have learnt what works and doesn’t work in
group facilitation. Insightful Communications is well placed to assist you in achieving your purpose;
keeping groups on track and capturing their ideas for action.


Provides time for individual reflection through confidential, and intentional listening
processes. Mentoring aims to develop the learning potential of the participant by
interaction with a mentor.

Thank you for the inspiring workshop. As always you are a stellar example for us all in facilitating. I take in a lot from you and the different tools you utilise to assist us to engage deeply with the content and each other. The content certainly hit the mark with the team as they have considered their conversations in their practice and planning this week. 

Client – Benevolent Society – Early Years Early Intervention