“Facilitation is the art of leading people through processes towards agreed-upon actions and outcomes in such a way that encourages every person’s participation, ownership and creativity”

  • The facilitator’s role is critical and one that involves creating a safe space, building engagement and participation, keeping the group on track and overall, supporting a group of learners to come to their own conclusions that they can readily apply back to their everyday work context. 
  • All processes, models and frameworks used in our facilitation workshops include dialogue based methodologies , with intentional speaking and attentive listening skills as basic practices. 


Provides time for individual reflection through confidential, and intentional listening

Insightful Communications facilitate these reflective discussions by asking open-ended questions that follow an Appreciative Inquiry or similar model that allows time for the participant to develop their own critical reflective skills. 

We tailor coaching components as deemed appropriate and together identify ongoing areas for attention, co-creating the opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge whilst gaining practical tools for staying connected, focussed and energised.

Coaching sessions can be provided in areas, such as:

  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Influencing using our Emotional Intelligence Capacity * EQ-i 2.0 Model
  • Working with your supervisor
  • Difficult conversations (Compassionate Communication (NVC)) Focused Conversations (ORID) 
  • Effective team meetings
  • Reflective journaling
  • Responding to adverse events at work 


We are skilled in the art of harnessing and capitalising on the wisdom inherent within groups.
We have over 25 years of experience and have learnt what works and doesn’t work in
group facilitation. Insightful Communications is well placed to assist you in achieving your purpose;
keeping groups on track and capturing their ideas for action.

Customised Delivery

Engage in creative conversations & customised learning to meet your organisation’s individual needs.
We work in partnership to develop and deliver a range of additional programs on request.

Examples include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team work
  • Reflective practice
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Facilitation and presenting skills
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

If we can’t help with what you’re after we are happy to provide a referral to the right people.