Organisational Wide Leadership Mentoring & Coaching Program

We recognised that while the staff who had stepped up into new leadership roles had the passion and raw skills – they were missing the experience, perspective and necessary frameworks for approaching the issues you face when leading a team of people.  Through no fault of their own, the new leaders had never been exposed to the range of techniques that a person picks up in a usual leadership journey.  We approached Jan and Marian to see if they could assist us by offering a combination of group reflective practice sessions and mentoring/coaching 1:1 sessions for all of the new leaders.The results have been outstanding, people developed new skills and unlocked talents/techniques that they never knew they had.  The feedback from staff has been exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending Jan and Marian as excellent practitioners who are skilled, knowledgeable, engaging and reliable.
Client – Uniting Care Community – Disability Unit

Testimonial – Individual Coaching Client

So six months ago I was reasonably proficient at using a sledgehammer with my words and actions. Now I am becoming more aware of thinking about the other person and their feelings and how to have a conversation as calmly and as non threateningly as possible. I have found it very enriching and rewarding to have someoneoutside of the organisation to debrief with and for them to be able to offer a different perspective / angle to look at events that have taken place. Jan you have given me the tools to look in the mirror and how to search for the parallel stories that are occurring within me. I am growing stronger by sitting in the uncomfortablenessand giving thanks for the gift that that moment is. I give thanks for the opportunity that has been provided to me to be enriched by your practice as coach and mentor.I highly respect you Jan for the time you have chosen to sew into people’s lives and for the encouragement you offer.

Testimonial – Cultural Safety Workshop

Thank you for an excellent afternoon’s training.  It provoked some thoughtful discussion and has formed a good springboard for the development of our cultural safety plan. Client – Basic Rights Queensland