Director | Facilitator
Jan Ungerer

Insightful Communications purpose is clear: we optimise our potential when we lead from the heart, listen generatively and work consciously to apply wise and inclusive action.

We are passionate about inspiring others to take purposeful action through experiencing candid and inclusive conversations.

Insightful Communications has broad experience having worked with a variety of key stakeholders including: community groups; corporates; NGOs and non-profits, learning institutions (both student and teacher training) – supporting individuals, teams and organisations to design and deliver learning programs that build, agitate, and transform their systems. 

As freelance facilitators, leadership coaches, teachers, designers and process hosts, Insightful Communications’ focus is grounded in living systems thinking; appreciative inquiry framing, heart led practices and applying conversational models that use a balance of self-inquiry, self-evaluation and reflective processes.

Insightful Communications compels audiences to think bigger and do better, in their lives and the lives of others and have collaboratively helped thousands of people make positive improvements in their day-to-day work practices across a range of disciplines and skill-sets.