We are skilled in the art of harnessing and capitalising on the wisdom inherent within groups. Between us we have over fifty years’ experience and have learnt what works and doesn’t work in group facilitation. Insightful Communications is well placed to assist you in achieving your purpose; keeping groups on track and capturing their ideas for action.


Provides time for individual reflection through confidential, and intentional listening processes. Mentoring aims to develop the learning potential of the participant by interaction with a mentor. The aim of this mentoring is to enable supervisors and managers to develop their skills as leaders and build on their capacity to lead their teams more effectively. The content of these sessions is directed by the participant. The mentor facilitates this reflective discussion by asking open-ended questions that follow an Appreciative Inquiry or similar model. Mentoring allows time for the participant to develop their own critical reflective skills. We tailor coaching components as deemed appropriate by mentor & mentoree and together, we identify ongoing areas for attention and co-create the opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge whilst gaining practical tools for staying present, connected, focussed and energised.

Coaching sessions can be provided in areas, such as:

  • Team building 
  • Communication
  • Supervising
  • Working with your supervisor
  • Difficult conversations
  • Compassionate Communication (NVC)
  • Focused Conversations (ORID)
  • Effective team meetings 
  • Reflective journaling
  • Responding to adverse events at work


Creating a safe and empowering group culture is integral to how successful a group facilitation will be and ultimately determines if a group with a wide range of behaviours will handle conflict effectively. Here are some examples of when we have been asked to provide our services:

  • The decisions to be made are complex and requires skilled group decision making capacity.
  • There is a need to demonstrate the neutrality and independence of the facilitator.
  • There are complex power dynamics at play within the group.
  • Different groups that normally do not work together, need to come together for a project.
  • Clear reflective & participatory processes are needed that utilise skilled knowledge of both process and content.
  • To encourage participation during a time of organisational change or restructure.
  • Strategic planning 
  • Team building

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